Originally, biscotti came from Prato, a city in Italy. That is why in Italy it is often called Biscotti di Prato. The word comes from a Latin term biscoctus, which means “twice baked”.  But Italians also call it cantuccini, which means “corners”. The first cantuccini was made in 1858 by Antonio Mattei, a man who owned a biscuit manufacturing company. Biscotti have influenced many foods in different countries. And actually, the English word “biscuit” comes from the Italian word biscotti. Also, biscotti influenced Spanish biscuits which are made with almonds in Catalonia and Aragon.

Biscotti are small cakes or biscuits that are twice-baked in the oven. First, it is baked while in a slab. Then, it is cut into slices and while still hot, put in the oven. It is delicious because it is sweet and crunchy. Biscotti are quite simple to make, only requiring flour, eggs, sugar, and nuts. There are many types of biscotti, the most traditional being almond biscotti. However, biscotti made with pine nuts are also eaten. These are called pignoli. In modern recipes, there are many variations. A favorite is chocolate biscotti. It is made by dipping the baked biscotti in melted chocolate and letting it sit until the chocolate hardens. Hazelnut, pistachio, cinnamon, and chocolate biscotti are included in new and unique recipes.